How To Secure BIOS

You might not be well familiar with BIOS settings or might not be more using it. BIOS stands for Basic Input/output Operating System which occupies a unique and highly privileged position on our computer’s architecture.

Though it is a very low level position for malware to attack it. Certain virus or malware can enter to through series of virus attack to your computer. Think that your BIOS is infected with virus and it changes everything to abnormal condition. It can be highly destructive things when a malware attack to your BIOS settings.

So before virus or malware changes your BIOS setting let’s get prepared for the safety measures. The best way to protect BIOS is to protect BIOS with Administrator password so that every time you want to modify your BIOS settings, you will need to enter the administrative password.

Here we will show you how to protect it:

Step 1: Boot or reboot your PC. Before its get started keep pressing DEL key or F1 key repeatedly. Or press anything which leads you to the boot settings, normally its F1 displayed at the bottom of the screen before it starts.

Step 2: Now when you enter into BIOS mode search for the menu where you can put password, it might more than once. You might get something like “supervisor” and “user” password. You must log in with supervisor password to change the BIOS setting if you want to change the BIOS setting next time.

Step 3: Select the menu item and Crete the password for your administrator, normally you will need to enter password twice.

Now you are done, just save the changes and your PC will reboot. Now from onward your BIOS will need your administrator password whenever you want to modify your BIOS settings.


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