How to Renew Your IP Address

Like a phone number, IP address is the most important thing for connecting in computer world. IP address helps user to connect to the internet and receive and transmit data from anywhere in the world. Sometimes we get difficulties in connecting internet and at that time it’s very important to renew our IP address. Suppose your internet connectivity does not work properly then we can renew our IP address for good connectivity. There are number of ways to renew you IP address. The very simple way is clicking on NETWORK icon on the bottom left of your monitor and clicking on REPAIR. This will automatically renew your IP address. But in general there are three kinds of IP address, they are – local IP address, Static IP address and Dynamic IP address. These all IP address follows different procedure of renewing a new IP address. So here in this article I am going to write step wise how to renew different IP address.

Renewing New IP Address
1. Click to start button
2. Click on Run (Win+R)
3. Type cmd in the box.( or simply run command prompt)
4. Now type ipconfig/release and hit enter. This may not work in some pc, so if this doesn’t work then type winipcfg/release and press enter key.
5. Now when the above command is received you need to type ipconfig/renew or winipcfg/renew and press eneter key.
6. Now shutdown your pc and then unplug/plug your internet plug and restart your computer. You will get new IP address and your internet connectivity will be working properly.
How to renew static IP address
Let me tell you what static IP address is. This is the IP address of a server or internet service provider so its hard to change or renew static IP address, however I am going to write step wise procedure to renew new static IP address. You can try in your PC.
1. Connect you modem directly to your computer.
2. Click on stat button
3. Click on run
4. Type cmd in the box
5. Now type ipconfig/all which will result out your present IP address

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