Internet will be Shut Down On March 8: FBI

The Internet is going to be dark for millions of online users on March 8 because of a virus that has corrupted computer of more than 100 countries. Last year in Estonia six men were believed responsible for developing a malicious viral script called

the DNS Changer Trojan.


The very first impact of this malicious infection is that it will cause web surfers to be forwarded to the fraudulent website by changing the DNS settings on targeted computers. The Domain Name System (DNS) are the backbone of the Internet’s address scheme and Domain Name System Server are the very special computers around the world which act as a Internet Traffic cops which provide the appropriate directions to the website we visit.


Though the FBI has successfully shut down the DNS Changer Trojan Network and has established surrogate servers but they also has warned that the solution was just temporary and the court has ordered deadline on March 8. If the FBI would have shut down the rogue DNS servers, everyone would have cut off from the internet those who were infected so FBI choose different strategy. And finally they decided to get court order allowing to replace the rogue server will the best legitimate stand-ins so that all the infected computing device wouldn’t get cut off from the internet without the prior warnings.

Both MacOS and Windows are at the high risk from this infections because it exploits our browser, and not only operating systems. If you are technically well educated then you can check and be sure that you are not infected by comparing your computer DNS setting to the list of rogue DNS servers. through through

93.188.160 through through through through


The FBI has published the guideline for performing the self-check. FBI has also reminds that if you are infected by the DNS changer Trojan then your security updates could have been disabled.

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