How to Hack Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo Accounts: Ethical Hacking

In this post I am going to write about the hacking of Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! Or any other accounts within a minute. First let me ask you a question, do you know what a Key logger is?? I guess many of you know about this application software’s used for hacking. Ok if you don’t know then let me tell you that this is the software which can be installed on the victims computer to get all the stored password of victims computer. Key logger just sends you the log files in your mail about the password after specific time interval. So let me start the process how to hack Facebook, Yahoo! And Gmail Password of the victims.

For the very first you have to download software. For that you have to turn off your Antivirus because antivirus detects this software as a virus and a good antivirus will automatically delete the software’s which I am going to ask you for download, so please turn off your antivirus first.
Step 1: Download Emissary Keylogger . (Please make sure you have turned off your antivirus).
Step 2: Now you have to extract all the files from that zip files from that software on your desktop.
Note: The password to extract the zip files is “www.ethicalhacking1.com”
Step 3: Run Emissary.exe files which you have extracted from zip files.
[showmyads]Step 4: Now enter the Gmail address. (Note: if you are afraid then enter any fake Gmail address which you don’t use but make sure you can still access that Gmail account, because password will be sent in this email account which you enter here)
Step 5: Enter the password.
Step 6: Now hit the “Test” to get a test email to your Gmail accounts.
Step 7: Now enter the time interval, this is the interval at which message will be sent to your inbox about the victims’ computer password.
Step 8: Now here you can enter the fake message which will be displayed on the victim’s computer, you can write anything on that whatever you like.
Step 9: Now click on the “Build”. After you click on build, the new file “server.exe will be created.
Step 10: Now you need to send the “server.exe” files to the victim’s computer and ask him to click on that file. Now this may be typical task, what you need is: you need to get “server.exe” file installed on the computer whose password you want to hack. So you can mail him and ask him to install that files. But note that you can’t send the exe files directly via email, so you need to zip that files and send him zip files, this step depends on you how you persuade your victims to install “server.exe” files. After the victims install this “server.exe” file on his computer he will receive a fake message which you have written that is in step 8.
Step 11: Once the victims install that files “server.exe” password will be mailed to you if it is stored in victims computer.
Step 12: Check out your email which you have entered in step 4. you will get message like below!!!
Note: This is only for the Educational purpose, please don’t misuse it, if you are missusing it then I will not be responsible for you misuse. This may crime in your locality.
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  1. MerryAugust 28, 2011 Reply
    >wow, its really working
  2. Jitendra (Author)August 28, 2011 Reply
    >It's awesome, tricks, its working and its very simple, Thank you Jitendra
  3. Jitendra (Author)August 28, 2011 Reply
    >thank you merry for your feedback!!
  4. JackAugust 28, 2011 Reply
    >OMG! This is great!!! i will try it!!
  5. JohnAugust 28, 2011 Reply
    >Hey what is the password for extracting ZIP files which i have downloaded???
  6. Jitendra (Author)August 28, 2011 Reply
    >@John please read all the steps and lines clearly you will get that, the password is written in step2
  7. SanAugust 29, 2011 Reply
    >This is working!!!, i gonna hack my friends password now! thank you!!
  8. KarunAugust 30, 2011 Reply
    >It's very nice tricks for hacking, i will try it!!!
  9. Jitendra (Author)August 31, 2011 Reply
  10. Jitendra (Author)August 31, 2011 Reply
    >and here is the another one…
  11. AnonymousOctober 1, 2011 Reply
    >When other extract or download zip file it will detect as virus and it stop it
    What to do for that
  12. AnonymousOctober 1, 2011 Reply
    >There is any other way to do?
  13. cool_anonymousOctober 7, 2011 Reply
    >cool.. uh ohw.. by the way. isn't it a CRUEL virus that can ruin my computer??
  14. Jitendra (Author)October 10, 2011 Reply
    >its not the virus, its just the Key-logger, it will not harm your PC by the way and turn off Antivirus while installing which i have already mentioned above!!!
  15. AnonymousOctober 10, 2011 Reply
    >but when we send it to other there email server is detect as virus also.
  16. Jitendra (Author)October 11, 2011 Reply
    >yes, this is detected as virus, the only way to install on remote computer is if the antivirus is turned off…
  17. AnonymousOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >Is there any other way to send it with email. When i send this email to other gmail account holder, the service provider has detect as virus.?
  18. AnonymousOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >is there any other trick to get other pc, email id and password.?
  19. AnonymousOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >your detail is useful but please let us know my above two problem Your information is good and knowledgable. Thanks JPR
  20. Jitendra (Author)October 11, 2011 Reply
    >If you send the keylogger inside the ZIP files then, service provider will not detect the virus, Try sending by compressing it to zip files.
  21. AnonymousOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >When it zip, its also detected. JPR
  22. AnonymousOctober 11, 2011 Reply
    >When ever it send to any server like gmail, hotmail it will detect as virus and stop sending
  23. Jitendra (Author)October 12, 2011 Reply
    >@JPR try changing the file name extension to mp3, i hope this will work!!!
  24. AnonymousOctober 12, 2011 Reply
    >I try to change the it exe to mp3,doc,xls etc. but its still detected with zip. There is any trick for it. JPR
  25. Jitendra (Author)October 12, 2011 Reply
    >@JPR add me on facebok i will send u there message!!
  26. AnonymousOctober 13, 2011 Reply
    >Please tell me what to do regarding this problems
  27. Jitendra (Author)October 14, 2011 Reply
    >Okk if you want to send that keylogger to your friend then zip it and keep password protected ZIP files and then try sending to your friend. this must work if still don't work for you then you must be unfortunate because others are already enjoying using this tricks!!!
  28. AnonymousNovember 3, 2011 Reply
    >how to delete the server file>?????????????????
  29. AshishNovember 5, 2011 Reply
    >its working
  30. rohitNovember 5, 2011 Reply
    >not working
  31. hayankataNovember 26, 2011 Reply
    >not working
  32. reflectometerDecember 13, 2011 Reply
    >i read it only but i did not try it.But i try it surely and i am sure it must work.
  33. chetanDecember 14, 2011 Reply
    >hello jatinder how are you will u plz tell e how can i hack a facebook profile….?
  34. AnonymousDecember 17, 2011 Reply
    >how to boost speed of evdo broadband? if any crack or patch available please let me know.
    i have bsnl evdo? they tell me minimum speed is 1 MBPS to 2.4 MBPS. Please help me.
  35. suryaJanuary 4, 2012 Reply
    >http://www.mediafire.com/?ac5c0uigdhaslya here is rar file of keylogger mr. jitu….the domain you have provide is outdated…attn plz

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