How to Create Strong Passwords

We live in virtual world and everywhere we use password to secure them and access them. It’s not the problem that we need password to access our virtual world, the problem is that the password should not be same everywhere we use. There must be different password at different things and which is very hard to remember them all. And if a password is really strong then it really makes very difficult to remember them all. And so we are trying to help you, follow some of the below tips and tricks to control your password system.

Common Problems with Passwords

Use Different Passwords Everywhere

People are very lazy and they use same password for all their online accounts. A study by Bit Defender showed that 75 percent of the people use same passwords for Facebook as their e-mail accounts passwords. Just imagine that your password is same at Amazon, Paypal and in case they are cracked, then you will have to say Good-bye to your funds, if not friends.

Remember the Underwear Meme[showmyads]

“Passwords are like underwear, you should change them frequently (but not every day) . Don’t share them, don’t let others to see them and of course they should be sexy”. What I meant is, your password must be mysterious, and they should never be predictable.

Avoid Common Passwords
Never use dictionary meaning or dictionary words for your password like “hello, qwerty, 1234567890 or something g like that. Dictionary words passwords can be cracked very easily. They are not strong passwords. Even if you are using your passwords as your friends, daughter, sisters, brothers, cousin or any of your relatives name, then that’s not so called as strong passwords. The very first the hackers try while cracking your password are all these common things around you. And also avoid some common words like “money”, “god”, “love”, and “monkey”. And the most blunder mistake, if you are using “password” as your password then you must sign off from your internet world now.

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  1. birthday giftsMay 26, 2012 Reply
    Yea, Your articles really helped me to create best password around. Thanks for sharing it.

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