>14.318MHz QRP transmitter


Dead Bug Style

The authot of the Pippin is G.M.King G3MY. Basically, it is a conventional Colpitt type crystal oscillator but with the output taken from a low value collector load resistor and direct coupling is made into the base of the PNP device used as an amplifier. The result is a circuit even more simple than the OXO and with considerable advantages.
The small amount of forward bias developed for the PA stage makes it very much easier to drive but is less than the voltage required to actually bias the stage “ON”. Keying is in the emitter circuit of the oscillator stage and when the key is up and no current is being drawn there is no forward bias at all on the PA stages.
The isolation of the PA from the oscillator by taking the drive from the low value oscillator collector load, is most impressive and there is virtually no pulling of the oscillator even if the PA load is briefly shorted to ground.
Input to the PA stage runs at 120 to 150mA. at 12 to 14 volts and output on 7Mhz runs at better than 1 watt measured into a 50 ohm load. The PA transistor has a “Stove Pipe” heat sink attached and has been left running continously for more than 1 hour without any complaint from the PA stage.
The collector choke is the usual type and uses 6 turns of 29 swg on two ferrite beads in tandem. The low pass filter infomation were not available in the Orginal artical. (4S7NR).
NOTE: I used 14.318MHz Xtal instead of &.303MHZ, because i found them with my old cordles set.

            And BF494/496  and 2N2907A as NPN and PNP respectively as i dosen’t have transistor as mentioned in      circuit. The performance was very good with the rf optput about 1W.
PROJECT BY: Mr.Sudip Upreti

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  1. Jitendra (Author)July 11, 2011 Reply
    >It's really working Mr.Sudip!!! it's cool
  2. sudipDecember 16, 2011 Reply
    >yaa, it works well. we got message from new delhi during its testing process.

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