Top Spam sending Countries of the World: Know where the Junk is coming From

You open your email accounts and then you got surprised because you see more than 100 of emails unread! How could this happen you have already signup for a new account last night and today you got this ton of emails. This all happens due to spam email senders. Spam is never fun but it is a way to cyber criminals. Spam email can implant malware on your computer and can access all your confidential data from your drive.
A recent study report released by Internet security firm Sophos reveals the top spam sending countries which were responsible for 60% of spamming the world.
Here is the list of Top Nine (9) countries responsible for spamming.
9. Pakistan: Pakistan sends 3.3% of all the spam sent to the world








8. Poland: Poland relays 3.9% of all spam.

7. Brazil: Brazil is responsible for 4.3% of all spam sent to the world

6. Italy: Italy sends 4.9% of spam to the world.

5. Russia: Russia which is tied with Indonesia is responsible for 5% of the total spam.

4. Indonesia: Indonesia is also responsible for 5% of the total spam sent to the world.

3. South Korea: South Korea is the third largest spammer country of the world and relays 5.7% of the total spam.

2. United States: United States the 2nd largest spam sender country relays 8.3% of all spam.

1. India: India on the top of spammer is responsible for 9.3 % of all the spam.

Always be secure, spam email can hack into your device and can dig out the confidential data from your system.

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